Current wait times/Parking capacity

Security Line < 15 minutes
Short Term Parking 29% Full
Long Term Parking 44% Full
Extended Parking 58% Full


A government-issued ID (federal, state, or local) will be requested. Each traveler must be prepared to show ID at the ticket counter and subsequent points, such as at the boarding gate, along with an airline-issued boarding pass. A Boarding Pass is now required to pass through the security checkpoint.

Curbside check-in is available on an airline-by-airline basis. Please Check with your airline for availability. For charters and other special travel, travelers should contact their airline to see if it is available.

Passengers that do not have luggage to check can use on-line check-in. Please check with your individual airline to see if on-line check-in is available.

Screener checkpoints:

Only ticketed passengers are allowed beyond the security checkpoints. (Arrangements can be made with the airlines for non-travelers accompanying children, and travelers needing special assistance to get to the gate.)

Each traveler will be limited to one carry-on bag and one personal bag (such as purse or briefcase). Travelers and their bags may be subject to additional screening at the gate.

All electronic items (such as laptops and cell phones) are subject to additional screening. Be prepared to remove your laptop from its travel case so that it can be X-rayed separately.

Limit metal objects worn on your person or clothing.

Remove metal objects (such as keys, cell phones, change, etc.) prior to passing through the metal detectors to facilitate the screening process. (Putting metal objects in your carry-on bag will expedite the process of going through the metal detector.)

Passengers will also be required to remove all jackets and place them in the X-ray machine.

Banned Items Can Not be Returned:

Passengers should be aware that there are no provisions for returning banned items to them when they are left at the security checkpoint. The Security personnel will ask you to either surrender the item or have the bag checked at ticketing.

In addition, the TSA advises that those who attempt to bring banned items through the checkpoints are subject to civil penalties of up to $1,100 per violation in addition to criminal penalties.

For passenger convenience, amnesty bins are located at the security checkpoint. Passengers carrying prohibited items such as mace, pepper spray, knives, scissors or tools can place banned items in an amnesty bin to avoid security line delays or possible penalties. Items put in the amnesty bins cannot be returned.