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PIT Passenger Traffic Report for September 2009


  • Eight airlines report increases

PITTSBURGH, PA (November 13, 2009) - Eight airlines reported increases in traffic at Pittsburgh International Airport ( in September 2009 as more than 630,000 scheduled passengers traveled through the airport according to the September 2009 Scheduled Airline Traffic Report. Passenger traffic is down 2.6 percent for September 2009 compared to September 2008 (633,846 in September 2009/650,454 in September 2008; 2.6 percent) and is down 9.3 percent year-to-date compared to 2008 (6,022,756/6,639,537; 9.3 percent).

Eight airlines reported increases in traffic for the month led by United with a total of 8,176 more passengers in September 2009 compared to September 2008, a 12.7 percent increase (72,649/64,473; 12.7 percent). The other seven airlines that reported increases for the month were: Southwest (118,259/109,155; 8.3 percent); Delta (81,159/74,217; 9.4 percent); Continental (42,937/42,300; 1.5 percent); AirTran (39,263/33,860; 16.0 percent); JetBlue (14,827/12,209; 21.4 percent); Midwest (6,112/4,571; 33.7 percent); and Myrtle Beach Direct Air (2,826/2,326; 21.5 percent).

"United Airlines launched nonstop flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco in mid-August, so September's positive report is directly related to those new daily flights," said Bradley D. Penrod, CEO and Executive Director of the Allegheny County Airport Authority.

Pittsburgh International Airport also had 60 noncommercial aircraft landings related to the G-20 Summit between September 10 and 30. These landings carried an estimated total of 2,780 passengers.

"By successfully hosting the leaders from 25 nations and their 54 aircraft and related demands, Pittsburgh International Airport was the global center of aviation operations and security," said Penrod. "For leaders attending the summit, their first and last opinion of Pittsburgh was the airport, and I was proud that we provided our international visitors with world-class airport facilities and customer service."

Those airlines that reported decreases in passenger traffic for September 2009 compared to September 2008 include: US Airways (176,805/218,291; 19.0 percent decrease), Northwest (37,165/40,265; 7.7 percent); American (32,583/37,578; 13.3 percent); USA3000 (6,263/7,073; 11.5 percent); Air Canada (2,998/4,136; 27.5 percent).


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