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PIT Passenger Traffic Report For September 2010


  • Scheduled traffic up 6.9 percent; sixth-consecutive month increase
  • Eight airlines report increase; five airlines up over 25 percent
  • US Airways realizes a year-over-year monthly passenger increase of 7.7 percent, shattering a long record of declines at PIT
  • Commercial operations and cargo volume up

PITTSBURGH, PA (November 12, 2010) – The September 2010 Scheduled Airline Traffic Report prepared by the Allegheny County Airport Authority shows passenger traffic was up 6.9 percent at Pittsburgh International Airport (

It is the sixth consecutive month traffic has shown an increase and the largest monthly traffic boost since September 2002.

A total of 677,898 scheduled passengers were enplaned and deplaned at the airport in September 2010, a 6.9 percent increase compared to September 2009 (633,846) and the sixth consecutive month passenger traffic has shown a year-over-year increase. Year-to-date totals show an increase of 0.5 percent in 2010 compared to 2009 (6,053,231/6,022,756; 0.5 percent).

Of the eight airlines that showed an increase in passenger traffic, JetBlue had the greatest increase at 54.5 percent in September (22,906/14,827; 54.5.0). US Airways (190,429/176,805; 7.7 percent) reported a 7.7 percent increase shattering a long record of declines at PIT. Other airlines that reported increases were Southwest (119,697/118,259; 1.2 percent), AirTran (52,535/39,263; 33.8 percent), Continental (43,152/42,937; 0.5 percent); American (40,755/32,583; 25.1 percent); Myrtle Beach Direct Air (4,208/2,826; 48.9 percent); and Air Canada (3,914/2,998; 30.6 percent).

“The busy summer has continued into the first part of fall,” said Bradley D. Penrod, Executive Director and CEO of the Allegheny County Airport Authority. “Additionally our cargo and operations continue to increase so this has been a very positive trend.”

For the third consecutive month commercial operations increased – this time by 10.3 percent (10,560 commercial operations in September 2010/9,570 commercial operations in September 2009; 10.3 percent increase). Cargo volume – the tonnage of cargo landed – has increased for the seventh consecutive month (12,542,329 lbs. in September 2010/11,464,583 lbs. in September 2009; 9.4 percent increase).


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