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PIT Passenger Traffic Report For October 2011


  • Year-to-date traffic up 2.4 percent

PITTSBURGH (December 15, 2011) – Year-to-date passenger traffic at Pittsburgh International Airport ( is 2.4 percent ahead of last year’s pace at the end of October, according to the Scheduled Airline Traffic Report prepared by the Allegheny County Airport Authority. For the month, passenger traffic decreased 3.4 percent from October 2010 to October 2011. One of the main factors was the rare, late October snowstorm that shut down many airports in the eastern US.

Five airlines reported an increase in scheduled passengers in October 2011 compared to October 2010 as a total of 728,441 scheduled passengers were enplaned and deplaned at the airport for the month, a 3.4 percent decrease (728,441 in October 2011/753,737 in October 2010; 3.4 percent decrease).

American and Continental showed the largest increases in traffic. American saw a 31 percent increase in passengers (58,177/44,396; 31 percent), which is a gain of 13,781 passengers. Continental was close behind with a 21.4 percent increase in traffic (60,214/49,580; 21.4 percent), which is a gain of 10,634 passengers. Year-over-year, American has increased its flights by 25% with one new daily non-stop to Dallas-Fort Worth, New York JFK, and Miami. Additionally, as American has added seats to Dallas flights they have been on larger aircraft.

One contributing factor to Continental’s increase is that Continental has started handling United’s flights to Chicago as the merger has progressed. Continental is reporting Pittsburgh-Chicago passengers that were once reported by United.

Delta and Southwest also reported increases in traffic. Delta was up 7.8 percent (130,715/121,214; 7.8 percent) and Southwest was up 0.9 percent (137,038/135,825/0.9 percent). Myrtle Beach Direct Air also showed an increase in passenger traffic, gaining a notable 24.3 percent (4,037/3,247; 24.3 percent). Airlines which reported decreases in traffic were: US Airways (189,331/209,756; 9.7 percent), United (54,726/79,212/30.9 percent), AirTran (56,868/62,153; 8.5 percent); JetBlue (22,350/25,161; 11.2 percent), USA 3000 (5,977/6,009; 0.5 percent), Frontier (4,579/5,755; 20.4 percent), and Air Canada (4,429/4,750; 6.8 percent).


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