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PIT Passenger Traffic Report For November 2011



PITTSBURGH, PA (January 11, 2012) – Scheduled passenger traffic at Pittsburgh International Airport ( year-to-date through November 2011 is 1.9 percent over the same time period last year according to the Scheduled Airline Traffic Report, prepared by the Allegheny County Airport Authority.

For the month, passenger numbers decreased 3 percent in November 2011 compared to November 2010. Some contributing factors include AirTran Airway’s elimination of its flight to Milwaukee and Delta’s seasonal suspension of the PIT-Paris flight. The elimination of AirTran Pittsburgh-Milwaukee was a decision based on the merger with Southwest. The Pittsburgh-Paris flight will be returning March 24.

“We encourage the public to use the many nonstop flights at PIT, in particular, long haul flights such as the west coast markets. With stronger support for these flights the community will see stronger air service options and fewer seasonal fluctuations,” said Bradley D. Penrod, Executive Director/CEO, Allegheny County Airport Authority.

Seven airlines reported an increase in passengers (674,828 in November 2011/695,723 in November 2010).Continental and American both showed significant increases for the month of November. Continental jumped 19.3 percent (57,387/48,093; 19.3 percent) and American jumped 23.4 percent (51,348/41,615; 23.4 percent). Southwest showed a smaller increase of 0.4 percent (128,945/128,372; 0.4 percent).

JetBlue (21,914/21,111; 3.8 percent) also reported an increase in passengers, as did USA 3000 (5,246/5,157; 1.7 percent), Air Canada (3,366/3,297; 2.1 percent) and Myrtle Beach Direct Air (1,396/1,365; 2.3 percent).

Airlines which reported decreases in traffic were US Airways (176,940/180,476; 2 percent), AirTran (61,369/71,203; 13.8 percent), United (48,627/69,560; 30.1 percent) and Frontier (4,161/4,773; 12.8 percent). Also, Delta reported a significantly small decrease of 0.7 percent (114,129/114,922; 0.7 percent).


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