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PIT Passenger Traffic Report For April 2012


PITTSBURGH, PA (June 7, 2012) – Five airlines reported an increase in passengers in April 2012 as a total of 672,287 scheduled passengers were enplaned and deplaned for the month (672,287 in April 2012/680,604 in April 2011; 1.2 percent decrease), according to the April 2012 Scheduled Airline Traffic Report, prepared by the Allegheny County Airport Authority.

Continental (54,169/40,271; 34.5 percent) and JetBlue (24,922/17,731; 40.6 percent) led the gainers as both airlines reported more than a 30 percent increase, while US Airways (176,057/163,268; 7.8 percent), Delta (123,722/118,374; 4.5 percent) and Air Canada (3,293/3,161; 4.2 percent) also showed an increase in air traffic.

Airlines to record decreases in traffic include: Southwest (118,070/133,511; 11.6 percent), AirTran (66,000/78,775; 16.2 percent), United (58,227/64,696; 10 percent) and American (47,827/48,669; 1.7 percent). Changes related to United and Continental are due to the changes in reporting due to the merger of the two carriers. Changes in numbers for Southwest can be attributed to the PIT-Philadelphia route. Year-to-date totals show scheduled traffic down 2.0 percent (2,476,128/2,525,819; 2.0 percent).


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