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PIT Employees Celebrate NICE


  • 4th Annual Customer Service recognition program
  • More than 50 employees and volunteers were commended

PITTSBURGH, PA (April 15, 2013) – More than 50 airport employees and volunteers were recognized for their outstanding customer service efforts at the Allegheny County Airport Authority’s 4th Annual N.I.C.E. program in April on the ticketing level of the landside terminal at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Since the fall of 2009, about 350 airport employees and volunteers have completed N.I.C.E. training presented by The Resiliency Edge and Fordham University. The program encourages workers to document good deeds, that is, colleagues who go out of their way to help passengers or co-workers. The customer service awareness program rewards those individuals who are proactive to solve customer issues and reminds us all of the importance of N.I.C.E. – Neutralizing Irritations Customers Experience.

Employees at Pittsburgh International Airport have proven to be outstanding problems solvers. Here are some examples of their N.I.C.E. work:  

Machell Swoager of the Hyatt Regency’s Olive Press Restaurant: “An elderly female guest at the Hyatt was ill and required medical assistance. Firefighters suggested she go to the hospital in an ambulance to be evaluated and she agreed. However, she said that her husband was currently on a business trip approximately three hours away. The woman was having dinner alone that evening when she became ill and Machell, her waitress, was worried that she needed medical attention. Machell has frequently been the couple’s waitress during their stays and they had become close. Machell and her boss, Zach, the restaurant manager, came to her room to check on her and after the woman expressed some worry about going to the hospital alone, Machell volunteered to leave her shift early and drive to the hospital to stay with the patient for as long as she was there and promised that she would not leave.”

Joyce Belli of Southwest Airlines: “I had my cell phone out during my flight and fell asleep with it on my lap. When I woke I realized that it must have fallen on the floor but I couldn't find it, even after searching with the crew. I filed a report in baggage claim for a lost phone. The next morning I called back to the Southwest lost and found and spoke with Joyce. She informed me that no one had turned it in yet but later she called back and said they had found my phone and scheduled a time for me to pick it up. Then Joyce went out of her way and said to call when I was close by and she would meet me outside on the curb with my phone. Amazing! I use my phone for work as I am in IT. I need my phone and thanks to your staff I got it back in less than 12 hours!”

Dennis DeSanzo of the Allegheny County Airport Authority: “An elderly customer fell while going up the escalator to the ticketing level. Dennis saw this and immediately helped the gentlemen to his feet and gathered his luggage. Dennis then escorted the man to the ticket counter. The gentleman was very impressed by Dennis’ kindness, even offering him a tip, which he did not accept. Dennis was engaging and, as usual, did not hesitate to assist. He went the second mile by helping the passenger to his ticket counter with his luggage so there was no chance for further stress or injury.”

“This is the fourth year we have recognized employees and their outstanding customer service efforts through the N.I.C.E. program,” said Allegheny County Airport Authority President Brad Penrod. “Every day there are great stories of how employees were able to become problem solvers for passengers and customers.”


Apr 14, 2013