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PIT Chosen By Wings Logistics As Air Cargo Distribution Point


PITTSBURGH, PA – Allegheny County Airport Authority announced that Wings Logistics, New York, NY, a highly-rated and fast-growing freight forwarder, has selected Pittsburgh International Airport as its distribution point for chartered cargo flights from Asia. Currently, flights will be scheduled on average of one per week through August 2010, beginning this Sunday, April 11, 2010.

The initial flights will be from Hong Kong (HKG) with Shanghai and Vietnam flights anticipated. The aircraft is being leased from Southern Air and is a 747-200 cargo plane.

Wings Logistics has conducted cargo charters from Hanoi, Vietnam, to Pittsburgh last fall. The Wings Group engineered a complex transfer of a back-haul government 747F cargo charter into Hanoi, Vietnam on October 20th, fully loaded it and landed in Pittsburgh on October 21st, where it was customs-cleared prior to arrival and in the customers distribution center the next day.

“Pittsburgh International Airport is well positioned to serve as an international cargo hub and we have been working for several years to promote our capacity to handle all types of aircraft, our accessibility by air, land and water, and the availability of our cargo facilities,” said Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato. “We even took trade missions to Asia to share our strengths and this announcement opens the door to great opportunities for our region that could mean more jobs, commerce and development.”

“This is an important announcement because the Allegheny County Airport Authority has been actively pursuing growth in our cargo operations. Pittsburgh International Airport has a great deal to offer freight forwarders including excellent access to interstates, cooperative teamwork with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in facilitating timely clearances and a terrific geographic location to 80 percent of the North America’s population and business centers,” stated Glenn R. Mahone, Chairman, Allegheny County Airport Authority.

Marc Schlossberg, CEO, Wings Logistics ( stated, “The reasons for selecting Pittsburgh included efficiencies of airfield operations, location to other cities for truck delivery and the time saving in transit. In many cases the amount of time saved from ‘wheels up’ in Asia to customers’ distribution center is up to six days versus using traditional cargo gateways such as Chicago and New York.”

“This news is an opportunity for Pittsburgh International Airport to be recognized as an alternate for cargo distribution. This means more economic development for the region including business for Worldwide Flight Services, Air Ground Express, and AFCO who manages the Cargo A facility where the off load and pallet break down for truck distribution will take place,” said Bradley D. Penrod, Executive Director/CEO, Airport Authority.

“I think I speak for everyone involved when I say this is good news for cargo growth in our region. Hard work and determination has paid off for all working for the same goal,” said Terry Waxler of Air Ground Express.

“This demonstrates how a joint effort by all in showing our excellent handling capability enabled these flights. You can count on AFCO’s support,” explained Bob Miller, AFCO, Inc., a full-service transportation facilities development company and operator for several cargo buildings at Pittsburgh International Airport.

“Additionally, as the deadline approaches for 100 percent compliance for homeland security screening, we are seeking new cargo opportunities since we are already 100 percent compliant and we have an efficient and proven system in place,” added Penrod.


Apr 08, 2010