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PIT Airport November 2007 Passenger Traffic Report


  • Eight airlines report increased traffic in November 2007
  • Four airlines report increases of more than 20 percent
  • All airlines other than US Airways report combined gains of 9.1

PITTSBURGH, PA (January 11, 2008) – Eight airlines at Pittsburgh International Airport ( reported increases in traffic in November 2007 compared to November 2006. Four of those airlines (Southwest, AirTran, Midwest, and Air Canada) reported increases of more than 20 percent. Despite these gains, overall traffic at the airport decreased by 8.3 percent in November 2007 compared to November 2006.

A total of 763,563 scheduled passengers were enplaned and deplaned at the airport in November 2007, which is an 8.3 percent decrease compared to November 2006, which had 833,127 scheduled passengers (763,563/833,127; 8.3 percent decrease).

US Airways reported a 26.9 percent decrease. US Airways had 295,099 passengers in November 2007 compared to 403,626 passengers in November 2006. Meanwhile, all other airlines reported a combined increase of 9.1 percent (468,464/429,501).

The four airlines reporting increases of more than 20 percent were:

  • Southwest Airlines showed a 27.2 percent increase in passenger traffic, totaling nearly 26,000 passengers over last November. (121,352/95,389).
  • AirTran had a 28.7 percent increase (34,794/27,032).
  • Midwest had a 44.7 percent increase (9,971/6,893).
  • Air Canada improved by 23.5 percent (3,021/2,447).
  • Other airlines reporting gains were Delta (85,746/74,786; 14.7 percent), Continental (45,382/41,418; 9.6 percent) United (55,905/55,001; 1.6 percent) and USA3000 (15,474/14,767; 4.8 percent).

““When eight airlines continue to show such positive gains, it demonstrates that more origination passengers are taking advantage of more choices and better fares,” said Brad Penrod, Executive Director and CEO of the Allegheny County Airport Authority. “In response to some of these significant gains, some airlines are adding more flights.”

AirTran Airways will be adding new service beginning Feb. 14, 2008, between Pittsburgh International Airport and Southwest Florida International Airport in Ft. Myers. Also beginning the same day, the low-fare carrier will increase its service between Pittsburgh and Tampa to daily flights from Saturday-only and introduce daily flights between Pittsburgh and Ft. Lauderdale. Flights are available for booking now at

“We have been working closely with AirTran Airways to encourage growth of their service from Pittsburgh,” said Glenn R. Mahone, Chairman, Allegheny County Airport Authority. “We call on the region’s business and leisure travelers to take advantage of these flights. Florida is one of our top travel markets and AirTran provides great fares and excellent service.”

AirTran Airways currently offers five daily flights from Pittsburgh to four Florida vacation destinations: Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando. The airline offers two nonstop flights to Orlando and four nonstop flights to Atlanta, Ga. Pittsburgh residents can reach 10 destinations in Florida via connections in Atlanta.

In March:

  • Myrtle Beach Direct Air will be adding a third flight to Myrtle Beach, S.C. to its schedule and will add service to St. Petersburg, Fla.
  • United will increase its service to Denver and Chicago
  • Southwest Airlines will increase its service to Tampa, Fla. and Orlando

In April, Air Canada will increase its service to Toronto.

In addition to US Airways, other airlines that reported decreases in passenger traffic included Northwest (38,502/51,950; 25.9 percent decrease), American (37,185/38,908;4.4 percent decrease), and JetBlue (19,746/20,910; 5.6 percent decrease).

Year-to-date scheduled passenger figures show 2007 traffic 1.0 percent behind 2006’s pace (9,086,026/9,179,369; 1.0 percent decrease).

November 2007 Scheduled Traffic at Pittsburgh International Airport

Airline Passengers Percentage of Passengers
US Airways 295,099 38.65
Southwest 121,352 15.89
Delta 85,746 11.23
United 55,905 7.32
Continental 45,382 5.94
Northwest 38,502 5.04
American 37,185 4.87
AirTran 34,794 4.56
JetBlue 19,746 2.59
USA 3000 15,474 2.03
Midwest Airlines 9,971 1.31
Air Canada 3,021 0.40
Myrtle Beach Direct Air 1,386 0.18
Total 763,563 100.0

2007 Year-to-Date Scheduled Traffic at Pittsburgh International Airport

Airline Passengers Percentage of Passengers
US Airways 3,986,141 43.87
Southwest 1,281,017 14.10
Delta 864,711 9.52
United 672,885 7.41
Northwest 462,319 5.09
Continental 460,987 5.07
American 427,504 4.71
AirTran 371,355 4.09
JetBlue 252,593 2.78
USA 3000 151,684 1.67
Midwest Airlines 98,223 1.08
Air Canada 36,124 0.40
Myrtle Beach Direct Air 20,483 0.23
Total 9,086,026 100.0


Jan 10, 2008