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Onorato Announces Significant Fee Reductions at PIT

Onorato Announces Significant Fee Reductions at Pittsburgh International Airport
PITTSBURGH — Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato today announced that airline fees at Pittsburgh International Airport will be significantly lowered due to revenues from the Pennsylvania Gaming Economic Development & Tourism Fund. Passenger fees will be cut by 15 percent, landing fees will be reduced by 18 percent, terminal fees will be trimmed by 14 percent, and ramp fees will be slashed by 34 percent, possibly as soon as June 1.
“Thanks to the Pennsylvania Gaming Economic Development & Tourism Fund, we’re reducing operating costs for airlines serving our world-class airport, which will make the facility even more competitive and marketable,” said Onorato. “The gaming fund is also making Allegheny County taxpayers whole by repaying them for their investment in building Pittsburgh International Airport more than a decade ago.”
Allegheny County will receive a total of $150 million from the fund to repay debt related to the construction of Pittsburgh International Airport. County taxpayers are being reimbursed $42.5 million for their contribution to the construction, and the Airport Authority will receive $107.5 million to reduce its debt related to construction.
The County has already received payments totaling $32.3 million from the gaming fund, and the law governing the fund guarantees another minimum payment of $12.4 million during the Commonwealth’s fiscal year that ends June 30, 2010. The County will receive $10.2 million of that payment, and the Airport Authority is guaranteed a minimum of $2.2 million. After that, the Airport Authority will receive annual minimum payments of $12.4 million until the full $107.5 million has been paid.
“Our goal has been to make Pittsburgh International Airport competitive and efficient,” added Onorato. “We now have 13 airlines providing 158 daily nonstop flights to 38 destinations in the United States. Fares at Pittsburgh International are much lower than the national average, contributing to the growth of origination and destination passenger traffic. On June 3, we are re-establishing nonstop air service to Europe with Delta’s five-day-per-week flight to Paris. Today’s announcement of lower fees builds further momentum at Pittsburgh International Airport.”
Gaming operators pay a daily assessment of five percent of gross terminal revenue into the Pennsylvania Gaming Economic Development & Tourism Fund. This fund is separate and distinct from gaming funds allocated for property tax relief, and it is also separate and distinct from the local share assessment that will be paid to the County by the Rivers Casino once it is operating. Allegheny County expects to receive between $10 million and $17 million annually from the local share assessment.
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Apr 16, 2009