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Travel Tips for Pittsburgh Air Travel During the G20 Summit


PITTSBURGH, PA – Many people are making their travel plans for the end of September and the Allegheny County Airport Authority has answered many calls from passengers wishing some advice for booking flights during the G20 Summit.

Here is some information you may find helpful:

  1. Pittsburgh International Airport is open and will be operating throughout the course of the G20 Summit set for Thursday and Friday, September 24, 25.
  2. Allegheny County Airport in West Mifflin, PA, will also be open for general aviation operations.
  3. There is little information available now on whether there will be any flight delays due the arrivals and departures of global leaders. When we have important passenger updates, it will be posted to
  4. There is also little known now about temporary restrictions of the roadways to the airports. That information will also be available as it develops on the airport website.
  5. For flyers booking travel, the Allegheny County Airport Authority recommends that you follow many of the travel tips offered for busy summer travel including:
    1. Make the call. Call the airline before you leave for the airport to make sure your flight is on time. Sign up for e-check, a service many airlines provide; it will call your cell phone to inform you of any delays. If you are being picked up at your destination, make sure your driver has a number to call to verify your arrival time.
    2. Use electronic check-in. Some flights are eligible for online check-in. By avoiding the check-in at ticketing, you can go directly to the security checkpoint and your gate
    3. Be an early bird. Take an early flight. As the day progresses, there is a greater likelihood of flight cancellations and weather delays.
    4. Allow extra drive time. If there are roadway restrictions, you have less to worry about if you leave extra early for the airport.
    5. Arrive 90 minutes before your flight departs.
    6. Don’t forget about security! Make a stop at and get a refresher on those prohibited items. Remember to keep your checked bag unlocked and pack your medication and valuables in your carry-on.
    7. Be prepared. Don’t have something crucial planned for the first two days of your trip. For example, if your cruise leaves on Friday morning, don’t leave Thursday night.
    8. Do unto others. Treat other travelers and airline employees as you would like to be treated yourself. Put yourself into their shoes and realize that you are not the only person in this world.
    9. Pack a lot of patience. Once on board, relax and enjoy your flight!
Aug 19, 2009