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Plan For Irregular Operations At PIT Approved By The FAA


PITTSBURGH, PA (May 16, 2012) – The Allegheny County Airport Authority recently received notification that its Airport Irregular Operations (IROPS) Contingency Plan was approved by the FAA.

The plan helps guide the ACAA in operating Pittsburgh International Airport with procedures pertaining to irregular operations that may cause significant disruptions to customers.

The Allegheny County Airport Authority assists aviation system partners such as the airlines in enhancing their response to customer care during a broad array of conditions and includes step-by-step guide for contingency plans that include necessary communications, collaboration, and coordination to address customer needs.

This plan describes how Pittsburgh International Airport will provide assistance of deplaning of passengers; providing ramp and terminal space to airlines; and ensure a sterile area for passengers who are awaiting customs clearance. The goal of the plan is to minimize passenger issues related to tarmac delay due to irregular operations.

“The success of any and all operations involving excessive delays, an unusually high number of diversions or irregular operations, dictates the need for open dialogue between the air carriers and the Airport Authority, as well as the other tenants and governmental agencies at the airport,” said David Minnotte, Chairman, Allegheny County Airport Authority.


May 15, 2012