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PIT Meets US Open Challenge - Checkpoint Waits Short Despite Near-Record Number of Passengers


PITTSBURGH (June 18, 2007) – A near-record number of 6,500 passengers came through the security checkpoint today to depart for flights this morning at Pittsburgh International Airport according to the Allegheny County Airport Authority and the Transportation Security Administration in Pittsburgh. Approximately 8,000 people - passengers plus employees, flight crew and others who required screening - went through security from 5 to 9 am, today. This is the highest number at the airport since the 2006 Major League Baseball All Star Game was held at PNC Park.

The passenger volume was due to post-US Open travel along with business travelers and vacation travelers.

Even though the passenger traffic was high, the wait-times at security were very low. The average wait was seven minutes. The average longest wait was 15 minutes. The Transportation Security Administration records times and arrives at these average waits throughout the course of the morning. All 11 security lanes were open and staffed. Seven of these lines are located at the main checkpoint and the other four are at the alternate checkpoint. Opened since Thanksgiving 2005, the alternate security checkpoint is located outside of the ticketing area in the former commuter terminal.

The airline ticket counters were well staffed. The check-in counters at ticketing were very busy, however, lines moved quickly and efficiently.

“The US Open was such a successful event and Pittsburgh International Airport demonstrated it has the dedicated employees and outstanding facilities needed to host such a prestigious golf tournament. For the second consecutive year, one of the biggest events in the world sports came to Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh International Airport shone brightly. The addition of the alternate checkpoint, open during peak periods, has virtually eliminated long security lines,” said Kent G. George, Executive Director, Allegheny County Airport Authority.

Monday morning capped a busy weekend for the Pittsburgh International Airport community. On Saturday and Sunday, the airport played host to the 911th Airlift Wing’s Wings over Pittsburgh Air Show.

“It takes a massive effort and excellent coordination to keep the airport running smoothly during an air show the size of Wings over Pittsburgh. Everyone involved in the organization of the show worked hard to minimize any impact on normal commercial flight operations,” George said.

Jun 17, 2007