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ACAA Response to US Airways' Flight Changes


PITTSBURGH, PA (October 3, 2007) – Officials of the Allegheny County Airport Authority announced today that US Airways’ flight changes for early 2008 will have minimal impact on airport operations. The Airport Authority is working with other airlines at Pittsburgh International Airport to add service to the markets impacted by US Airways’ announcement.

“We have a commitment to continue to provide quality air service to the top destinations for leisure and business travelers in the region. The Airport Authority has contingency plans ready to be implemented that will help promote new air service. The other airlines at Pittsburgh International Airport have been growing and origination passenger traffic is up by 11 per cent. We expect that other airlines, as they have done in the past, will fill in the gaps left by US Airways changes. In addition, we are committed to keeping our facility among the best,” said Glenn R. Mahone, Chairman, Allegheny County Airport Authority.

The contingency plans include evaluation of terminal space in order to maintain a quality facility and revisions to the Airport Authority air service development plan.

Today the airline leases 28 gates. The Airport Authority will meet with US Airways in the near future to discuss its current and future space requirements.

The airline will maintain its frequent flyer club, heavy base maintenance operation and operations control center in Pittsburgh. US Airways reaffirmed its commitment to build a new 600-employee Operations Control Center at Pittsburgh International Airport, a project the Airport Authority helped to secure for the region.

Oct 02, 2007